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Roof Cleaning:

Our soft wash roof cleaning system will help quickly and safely return your roof to a like new color and appearance, while helping to improve the exterior look of your home and restore your "curb appeal".

Soft Wash Systems Authorized 

Have you ever wondered what causes roof stains and why you should consider removing them? 

The answer is that these unsightly stains are caused by airborne spores from black algae (scientifically called Gloeocapsa magma) and mold. This is a living organism that thrives in warm humid climates. Often spread by the wind, much like a dandelion weed, it's more than just an eye sore. Left alone this growth can cause your shingles to prematurely lose their protective granules and expose the underlying material to the harsh sun and weather and the acids produced will cause damage to both shingles and tiles. This type of exposure is the main reason why roofs wear out. Also, if you are thinking of selling your home, they could cost you thousands of dollars in lost value. Buyers develop first impressions based on “curb appeal.” How does your house look from the street? Left alone, the algae and mold can spread to other parts of your home.

Why is this problem so prevalent now you may ask?
Roofing materials have changed. Up until about 30 years ago, roofing was typically made by saturating an organic mat with asphalt and then coating it with granules. This mat material was made predominantly with recycled cotton rags. The cotton would eagerly soak up the asphalt producing a good quality, heavyweight shingle. But for several reasons, mostly cost, roofing manufacturers began looking for alternatives. They turned to fiberglass matting for its fireproof and insulating properties. Unfortunately, the fiberglass doesn't absorb the asphalt as well and as a result the shingles are lighter and more brittle. The manufactures add calcium carbonate (limestone) filler to give the shingles weight. Algae actually feed on this filler material.

Ask Th Seal VerificationWhy does it seem worse on the North side of the house?
Algae, like all plants, requires 3 things to grow; Moisture, food and sunlight. The north side of the home, as well as shaded areas, doesn't receive as much direct sunlight as the other sides which allow it to hold moisture longer. Algae require sunlight to grow but only about 1/10th as much as other plants. Too much light and the ultraviolet rays will inhibit growth. The black streaks you see are actually the algae's way of protecting itself from the UV rays. As the algae mature it develops a hard, black “shell” that blocks the UV rays. Kind of like the moss on the North side of the tree.

Want your home to look NEW again? Call us today!

Want your home to look NEW again? Call us today!


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